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We are a hair care education hub offering knowledge and resources to meet your total hair care needs. 

Welcome To Altogether Lovely Inc.

Al – Together – Lovely – Inc. is a compound word derived from all and together. The word love is an action word, and is in lovely, which means good looking, attractive, and beautiful. We demonstrate love through personalized hair care services, quality hair care products, educational opportunities and community outreach. 


Altogether Lovely, Inc. is a diverse business that intermingles a beauty salon, hair care product line, and educational training center to offer something of value to meet your total hair care needs. 


We’ve combined the four elements of the products and services that we offer─ hair services, hair care products, education, and outreach─ to create Altogether Lovely, Inc. 

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Dee performing a microscopic scalp analysis.



Demetria “Dee” Hayden is a licensed Cosmetologist and Cosmetology teacher; a certified Continued Education Sponsor (State of Illinois); and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with 37+ years of experience in the hair care industry.


We have online courses!

C.E.U. Certificates can be downloaded upon successful course completion and payment of course fee 

 *A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the course.

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We've taken the time to do the research and studies to ensure our information and products work for your scalp. 

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